About Us

CHEKZ Watches - EST 2020 
Founded by the Pacheco Family in Sacramento, California CHEKZ WATCHES was established with one purpose in mind; to allow people to look, and feel good with a luxury watch at an affordable price. 
Christopher Pacheco's goal was to create a luxury brand at an affordable price.
"After serving in the Marine Corps and with time in my professional career I realized that looking and feeling great correlates with your performance. One thing that always makes a uniform and suit look its best is a luxury watch on your wrist so why not create a luxury watch at an affordable price." - Christopher Pacheco
The Pacheco Family is building a brand in order to be able to help the community in Sacramento. 
"We are starting off small, utilizing a percentage of our revenue to help the low income community in our city. Our ultimate goal is to be able to assist in providing shelters for the people without homes who are in the streets in need of a helping hand. We would also like to start a foundation and provide assistance for the troubled youth in our city." - Yessenia Pacheco 
The Pacheco Family also prides themselves in their customer excellence and always put the customer first. 
Thank you for shopping with us at CHEKZ Watches.